Objectives: Cortex had the opportunity to produce and creative direct a campaign for Thom Browne's new fragrance.

Results: Cortex curated a team made up of:

Photographer Campbell Addy
Creative director Reuben Selby
1st photo assist Pierre Lequeux
2nd photo assist Wilbert Lati
Set designer Aliki Kirmitsi
Set design assist Saskia Martindale
MUA Asuka Fukuda
Hair Shunsuke Meguro
Producer Benji Reeves
Movement direction Dominique Froud
Style assist Mazz Smith
Models Jack Cox & Aihui from Nevs Models

The campaign was published on Dazed Media, with an exclusive Thom Browne interview to go alongside.

Services: Production / Photo production / Creative Direction / Styling / Campaign management / MUA / Hair styling / Movement Direction / Set Design