As part of Cortex's mission to innovate through collaboration, we have released our very first commission-based member collaboration. Our new 'Cortex Collaborations' endeavour will allow us to curate exclusive collaborative works between Cortex members with the intention to gain exposure and monetary benefits from their work.

Scottish illustrator Rosalind Shrinivas and film-photographer Rosie Matheson join forces to produce Cortex's first art/photographic curated collaboration. Rosalind's anxiety-driven 'Inner Demons' drawings blend with Rosie's intimate portraits from her 'BOYS' series, manifesting underlying notions of insecurity.

The exclusive collaboration is available to buy in print right here. Very limited numbers and no guarantee of a restock.

As part of Rosalind's first feature on our website (and because we love her work so much) we thought we'd give you some background information on her artistic path so far: self-taught Illustrator and Fashion Design graduate from Scotland, Rosalind's inspiration derives from personal perception of beauty with very distinctive depictions of the face: heavy eyebrows, strong cheekbones, hair textures and striking eyes overflowing with tears. Aside from the aesthetic impact, Rosalind’s work encapsulates her underlying belief that expressing emotion is empowering and beautiful. A belief which she hopes the viewer connects with.

Ideas spark after Rosalind sources conceptual imagery, either from Fashion Editorials or individual persona's/muses who are original and have a strong sense of mystery/ambiguity. Creating work that makes the mind curious and inquisitive, through intricate details and linear lines, is her predominant goal.

Having been named ‘The Alt Fashion Illustrator you need to know’ by Hunger magazine, Rosalind hopes to continue to grow as a creative and illustrator, to the point where her artwork speaks for itself. 

Words by Co-Founder Benji Reeves