Think law school drop-out, business mind, experienced traveller, super talent levels... all wrapped into their mid-twenties. I'm sure not too many people came to mind. Somebody that should have and certainly will after listening to his new single "Waited on Me", straight from his upcoming EP THE MIND OF COLT PT.1, is KELVYN COLT.

Colt has been making waves globally since stepping up to the mic with the good people over at Colours Berlin. Being the first performance on the platform, as well as the first to make a second appearance is no small feat. Time and time again, Kelvyn has demonstrated the effectiveness of his high-energy, no-nonsense attitude, setting up the foundations on which a legacy is built.

A champion for authenticity and genuine experience, there are no compromises within Colt's artistic catalogue, with "Waited on Me" serving as solid follow-up material to the highly charismatic sounds on his debut EP LH914.

Shot on location in the Canary Islands by David, the new track is as much an artistic visual showcase as it is a testament to the energy and flow that dominates every word.

Cortex has been granted exclusive behind the scenes footage from the "Waited on Me" video shoot. Check it out above!

Words by Online Editor SAM COLE
Photography below by DYLAN MYERS
Styling by JAMES RICE
Sweater from GYMPHLEX, Shoes from PALLADIUM, Cap from Y-3