ARRON BURTON is a fashion designer from Manchester and the founder of Arron Burton Studio. His monochromatic portfolio is heavily inspired by the world of Brutalism and aims to document his life experiences.

Check out Cortex’s exclusive interview with Arron below:

How would you describe yourself and the work you're doing in one line?

I describe my work and mentality as progressive. Each direction and step I take is a progression of my self development.

How did you get started?

I started ARRONBURTON.STUDIO in 2018 just after I graduated in Manchester - I evaluated the progression I took through my years of study and built folders of relevant research and suitable artefacts that display what I represent - I then turned my research into an identity which built the silhouette, branding, and identity of ARRONBURTON.STUDIO.

Each direction I take is carefully considered; not that each process I take works out the way I expected, but each time my process gets taken to another level and produces substance.

Where does the inspiration for your design work come from?

I take inspiration from brutalism and minimal artefacts. Contemporary sculpture and architecture always inspired my process, as well as British lad culture.

Who are some of your favourite designers and artists?

The legend Luke Smalley - I came across his book ’Gymnasium' back in 2011 and it wired my brain. Smalley knew his selection and order in each direction he took - his photographs showcased purpose and representation which I respect. My recent collection was heavily inspired by the transition from boyhood to manhood and part of that reason is because of Luke Smalley, as well as being brought up in an all boys school.

Is there a piece of work you’ve created that stands out to you, or one you’re most proud of?

During my BA Menswear degree I developed the LEON 3/4 short which was inspired by 1950s boxing culture - I took inspiration from this era and combined it with the direction of my roots and heritage. The fabric of the LEON short was originally a black pinstripe wool which I then redeveloped with black acrylic paint - I also used an organic black wool and combined both together producing a ‘half and half’ short - which I then developed into a trouser.

Do you have a set ‘go-to’ process when beginning a new piece of work or starting a new design?

I don’t tend to design based on trends as I like to think of my personal investment and ensure I have a flow of consistency throughout my design process, production and final execution. The main priority is to not produce work which is predictable, and I will not build my reputation and brand around profit making. I design work through my experience, and a mixture of trial and error.

What's on your bucket list this year? What new projects do you have coming up that you've always wanted to work on?

I’m currently in the process of moving to Denmark for something big which could lead me into a new direction. The outlook for the year is not to hold back or waste any time - I know what I have to offer and I won’t stop until I get to where I need to be.