"My name is George Phillips, I studied advertising at Leeds College of Art & Design; Specialising in Art Direction. I’m currently a freelance artist in London. Having been lucky enough to work on a huge variety of projects, my style is difficult to pinpoint. Formerly a large scale canvas abstract painter and mixed media artist, I started to direct my work towards graphic design and minimal artwork a few years ago. I found this a more practical medium to showcase my creative process.

My influences range from Russian futurists such as: Kazemir Malevich, El Lissitzky and Andrei Sokolov. To abstract expressionists: Mark Rothko, Leif Podhajski and Arshile Gorky. Recently my style has been focusing on structure and forms - a curve of a line can satisfy an emotion in a similar way that colours can project.

Like most artists, my work is produced to express myself and I find different ways to explore that; it scratches an itch you can’t reach. The two projects exhibited here are mainly exploring 1970-1990’s music album/promotional prints. I find expressing myself through different executions maintains a personal level of interest, and keeps my artwork current." - George Phillips