︎    GCDS AW18 - MILAN

GCDS was founded by Giuliano Calza and his brother, Giordano in July 2015, which originated as a line of T-shirts printed with the letters GCDS before morphing into what it stands for today: God Can’t Destroy Streetwear. Since then the brand has grown exponentially. 

This season in Milan, Giuliano Calza immersed GCDS in sparks of fairy tale magic for the Men's and Women's FW18/19 collections. The result is a cathartic and initiatory journey of streetwear that mirrors the archetypal fairytale.

The show consisted of three acts: background, drama, and a happy ending, each with its own aesthetic and sound. GCDS explored fashion as a territory of freedom in which the individual can stage their own story. 
Music, themes and iconographic references have been conceived and executed in collaboration with ©Disney, an ideal and indispensable partner for thinking about the collection and its show.

See the images below to view our favourite looks and pictures from the event in Paris.