"I’m passionate about faces and cultures. I like to bring out the subject’s personality with a sense of humour, whilst delivering honesty; I believe this is essential to documentary imagery. I want my work to look at different cultures through a unique perspective and challenge the common judgements and stereotypes that exist in our society.

I like to photograph things that hit me - I love exploring and experiencing rituals and celebrations. I've always been curious about Mexican culture and its traditions and then I found myself in it. I spent a lot of time living and travelling there and one thing that always fascinates me is the dignity of Mexican people and their ability keep their traditions alive.

"Los Guadalupanos" is a series of photographs I took during the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe while I was living in Tulum, Mexico. Each year, on the 9th of December, thousands of pilgrims travel all over the country to lay their eyes on La Virgen in Mexico City. This icon of the Virgin Mary is considered extremely holy by Mexicans, who believe that she can perform miracles and answer the prayers of the faithful. One pilgrim had walked for about three weeks carrying a big sculpture of the Virgin in order to deliver prayers that his sick daughter might recover." - STEFY POCKET