Sheyna Reece is a visual artist who works with analogue and digital photography. Her practise revolves around fashion portraiture and is a window to her fascination and perception on contemporary embodiment and performative approaches in fashion.

This particular project focuses on her experience with post-graduate depression and became the genesis for its execution. Sheyna uses fashion photography as a means to deal with emotions and realities that were concealed behind life after graduation.

Sheyna combines digital and film photography. The unexpected possibilities in film reflects her interpretation on post-graduate life. She uses composition to document and evoke the feeling of disorientation.

Post-graduate depression is underreported. Culturally, the years after your graduation are deemed to be the best of your life. However, post-graduation has undoubtedly had a mental impact whilst dealing with rejection, trying to find your feet in the real word and the pressures of society to have your life and career on track.

Photographer - SHEYNA REECE