''What inspired me the most for this project was the energy of the location where I grew up in and my grandmother’s taste for fashion and design. She has always been a woman with a remarkable sense for elegance and the person who influenced me the most. Her special collection of fashion garments, clothes and shoes were collected from all around the world during her adventure trips as a young couple with my grandfather. They all carry incredible energy and a beautiful sense for nostalgia. I’m very lucky that, finally, she can trust me all this treasures.

The idea here is to experiment the abstract mixture between Balkan folk authenticity and contemporary fashion in a place with a real energy such as the house and village where we did the shoots (located in Rila Mountain, Bulgaria). Most of the clothes are made by hand from me with recycled materials and pieces which I collected around Bulgaria. Some are also pieces from my grandparent’s collection and flea markets around the country. '' - ANNA-MARIA HADZHISTOYANOVA

Art direction, Styling & Costume Design - ANNA-MARIA HADZHISTOYANOVA
Photography / Make up & hair - DANIELA YORDANOVA CREATIVE

Anna is also the founder of cultural events company ISTERIKA which you can view here . You can also listen to her latest DJ mix for Isterika below: