"Illustration has always been a way to communicate and express myself. I cannot remember a time when I did not draw. Becoming an illustrator has always been a dream, but it was not until I started studying at Central Saint Martins that I understood what the profession of an illustrator or graphic designer actually is.

My work is inspired heavily by female and non-binary identities, body ideals, and gender inequality; my work looks at how to question the issues surrounding them.

My creative influences and inspiration come from different things and directions but most important is my younger sister’s view on life, my mother’s knowledge of feminism as well as feminist science fiction, graphic novels, and women and non-binary people who stretch the boundaries of gender identity.

Work hard and be confident about your work. Show it to people, talk about it, and send it to competitions. For students I would give the advice to experiment and explore a lot but most importantly to be engaged with your fellow students. I am collaborating and working with people that I studied with and some of the most important things I learned from university came from my classmates. Support each other and inspire each other. That is the advice I would like to give." - ALVA SKOG