Priya Ahluwalia is a London-based designer who's been making waves this year. Through the lens of her dual Indian-Nigerian heritage and inspiration drawn from the UK garage scene, she creates custom pieces that re-work deadstock and vintage clothing, providing them with a lease of new life. A 2019 H&M Design Award winner, she’s previously worked with brands such as adidas Originals and showcased at London Fashion Week twice. Based on her unparalleled aesthetic and the fashion industry’s ever growing thirst for diversity, the success of Ahluwalia Studio shows no signs of slowing down.

SS20 at Ahluwalia Studio revolved around family with pieces inspired by family members old and new and, drawing on the theme of re-working, featured repurposed metal jewellery designed by jeweller Elena Croce.

The collection featured reimagined two-pieces and tailored suits with not-so-subtle hints to Ahluwalia’s traditional family background, a massive inspiration for her designs thus far. Grayscale images of old family portraits adorned the legs of graphically printed trousers and bags, layered with relaxed shirts and blazers sporting accents of printed raw silk. Much of her work is structured by bespoke Indian-style tailoring and a considered juxtaposition of past and present.

Ahluwalia’s designs strive to empower the rich cultural heritage of family and beyond, and successfully bring new life to gems of the forgotten past. On the whole, Ahluwalia Studio continue to inspire future generations through historical upcycling with a futuristic take on FW20 most certainly on the horizon.

Lookbook photography Alessandro Raimondo
Styling and underwater photography Riccardo Maria Chiacchio
Sweet Lassi photography Priya Ahluwalia, Luca Anzalone

Words by Navi Ahluwalia