As part of Cortex's new initiative 'CORTEX CHALLENGES', we gave our community a brief to produce a creative outcome that reflects 'Nostalgia'. Our debut monthly challenge was named 'Back To November' in homage to Tyler, the Creator's song 'November', taken from his critically acclaimed LP 'Flower Boy'.

Upon promoting the new challenge series via Instagram, as well as releasing posters across creative UK universities such as Kingston and Falmouth, we recieved a number of amazing submissions. We thank everyone for getting involved and making this first edition of Cortex Challenges a great success.

The Cortex Team engaged in intense conversation to finalise the winner as the standard was so high. Alas, there can only be one winner: congratulations to our first ever Cortex Challenge winner KAL LAWRENCE who deservedly secures first place in 'Back To November' with his audio-visual 'Nostalgia' series.

In his own words, his project, "encompasses a retrospective view of my childhood years. Looking back at locations and emotions that have had a strong impression on me."

You can view the project below. Each audio file corresponds with an image to create a synonymous nostalgic experience. The result is an innovative reflection of Kal's life-experiences - at times both haunting and beautiful. Alternatively, you can view Kal's work directly on his website here. 'Nostalgia' is also a limited edition zine available to buy upon request and will be on sale on the Cortex store very soon.

Be on the look out for our next challenge commencing in January!

"The word nostalgia is a compound of Greek
origin, consisting of (nóstos), meaning “homecoming”,
and (álgos), meaning “pain” or “ache”



1. A wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a
former time in one’s life, to one’s home or homeland,
or to one’s family and friends; a sentimental yearning
for the happiness of a former place or time

2. Something that elicits or displays nostalgia."

"dune jumping"
"final bell"
"back to school"
"ab absence of something"
"waiting for the teacher"
"a rustle"
"smelling sounds"
"deep missing"
"end of play"
"a stolen chip"
"serene vision"
"watching time pass"
"final impression"